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How to Join


      Church membership is not a thing to be taken lightly. It is more than just a piece of paper. I like to compare it to two people getting married. Marriage
is more than a church ceremony officiated by a pastor/priest or a legal
document; it is a commitment made before God, family, and friends that
you will grow together. In a marriage people make mistakes, hurt each
other and yet are able by their own grace and the grace of God to forgive
one another and move on. There is no perfect marriage. There is no perfect
church or Christians. However, when we commit ourselves to one another
with God's help we become much greater than ourselves. That is the value
and blessing of church membership.

      Maybe you are being called to join us. Maybe not. We don’t push it on
people. Some people aren’t ready. If you are ready or not, we hold regular
Inquirers Luncheons following worship every couple of months. Just show
up to one when it is scheduled. An Inquirers Class is a time to ask and
have your specific questions who we are answered. It is a time to learn in
depth what are the ministries of the church, its goals, how we are financed,
and the blessings other have received by affiliating with our church family.
A lunch is served. Childcare is provided. An Inquirers Luncheon lasts
about an hour and a half. After the class is concluded you will know much
more about our particular church family and will be better to make an
informed decision on joining or not.


Reverend Dr. James Hegedus

Pastor, Jackson's First Presbyterian Church

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